[Spells help] Aura Spells

In the world of Shattered Kingdoms, an eternal struggle between good
and evil rages on in the open and in the shadows. As there are mortals
that are innately good or evil, so are there items endowed with the 
power to specifically assist either side of the conflict. Two spells allow
casters to better understand the influence of these extremes in their
world. 'Detect Aura' and 'Know Alignment' have specific applications
that operate in complementary ways, which allow characters to better
anticipate the actions of others and respond to them in accordance to 
their own convictions based on aura and alignment.

Syntax: cast 'detect aura'
Syntax: cast 'know alignment' 

Detect aura will provide basic yet, at times, invaluable information
about people, creatures or items encountered in the spell caster's travels.
When cast, the caster's eyes will tingle, allowing him or her to see the
mystical aura that surrounds all living things and some magically created

Know alignment will show the caster the truth about the victim's heart,
revealing the specific alignment that defines him. Note that this spell is 
a silent tool; the victim will not see the caster start to concentrate or be 
made aware that his or her true intentions have been discovered. 

See also: roleplay alignment