[Spells help] spirit doll
Syntax: cast 'spirit doll' 
Spirit doll allows a shaman to create a doll from the bodypart of a dead
creature.  Valid bodyparts include the head, heart, guts, finger, toe, wing
and similar parts but does not include the full corpse, skin or steaks.
After casting the spell on the bodypart, it is tranformed into a doll that
resembles the victim.  Spirit dolls are infused with spiritual energy which
links the doll to its origin.  Because of this energy, only a shaman can
hold such a doll without being zapped by the spirits.  If held, the doll 
grants certain magical bonuses based on the victim's race.  
Holding the doll is also helpful in the casting of voodoo, as the spiritual
link will greatly increase the voodoo damage.  Although the doll can be used
for this purpose several times, it will eventually wear out and fall to pieces.
See also: voodoo