[Spells help] petrification depetrification

Syntax: cast petrification 
        cast depetrification 
Petrification allows the sorceror to shoot a ray of energy from her hand
with the ability to turn any fleshly creature to stone in a single strike.
If a creature is petrified, they are technically considered dead, although
they can be brought back to life via depetrification as well as by the
more traditional methods.  Naturally, all of the petrified creature's
belongings are also turned to stone

Depetrification allows a sorceror to return a petrified being to his warm,
flesh-and-blood form, even if she did not create the statue.  The spell does
not discriminate and can return both players and NPCs to life.  A creature
who is depetrified will also have their belongings with them but will likely
return in worse health than when they were stoned.  This spell will fail if
the target has already been returned to life.