[Game help] bug idea typo

Syntax: bug 

These commands will take your message and location and record it into a file
as feedback to the immortals.  These logs are currently checked on a weekly 
basis, and changes are often made based on YOUR ideas.  Feedback about the
suggestions made in these logs can be found on the news board, although not
every suggestion will generate feedback.

Errors that relate to skills, spells, game mechanics, player-files, messages 
during combat or other problems directly related to the operation of the game
should be reported using the BUG command. Spelling, grammar, socials or other
script-related issues (including scripts that are not operating correctly) 
should be reported using the TYPO command. Ideas or suggestions of any kind
are put forward using the IDEA command.

Since these commands do log your location, it is recommended that you log
most things (especially bugs and typos) in the room in which you find the 
problem and report the incorrect text as you see it - perhaps along with a
suggestion of suitably correct text.  This approach makes things much easier
to find and fix.

For any further questions, please e-mail the IMMstaff. 

See also: note wizlist forums