[Newbie help] Communication

There are many different ways to communicate with others in the Shattered
Kingdoms.  Each of the following has its own help file for more information.

access -- toggles accessibility mode for visually impaired on and off
action title --  allow you to change what people see when they see you
adjective --  allows you to set a single word to describe your character
board note --  the basics of communication via the noteboards
cb --  the cabal channel
description --  how to let others know what your character looks like
disguise --  allows adventuring classes to hide their distinguishing feature
emote pemote --  flexible ways to let others know what your character is doing
greet --  the system by which others come to recognize your character
gtell reply say sayto tell yell --  various methods of speaking to others
language speak write --  different languages for different kingdoms
news --  the basics of the news board
pray --  sends a message to listening immortals
social --  built-in command for what your character is doing
tb -- the tribunal channel