[Objects help] buy list sell value

Syntax: buy 
        list [object type]

Buy will purchase a particular object from a shop keeper.  When
multiple items of the same name are listed, you can buy .,
where  is the number of the item on the list, compared to items of the
same name.  (If there are two swords in a list, buy 2.sword will allow the purchase of the second sword.)

List will show all of the objects that the shop keeper has available
for sale.  'List ' shows you only objects of that type.

Sell will sell the object to a shop keeper.  The object must be in
your inventory at the time of sale.

Value asks the shop keeper how much he will purchase the item for.
Note that this is only an estimate, and the actual price may be somewhat
lower, especially if an item is damaged.

The following are the various item types traded in shops:

armor           container       shield          treasure        weapon
staff           wand            pill            potion          scroll
ranged-weapon   ammo            drink-container foods           furniture
key             light           tool            pen             note

See also: haggle pets tax