[Skills help] disarm

Syntax: disarm 

The disarm skill allows a warrior to attempt to knock an opponent's weapon
out of his hands.  The skill also aids in defending against opposing disarm
attempts.  A successful disarm also numbs the victim's hand, temporarily
reducing their accuracy for a short time.

After re-arming, the weapon's speed determines how long it will take to resume
a proper weapon stance.  It's generally impossible to disarm unless you are
wielding a weapon, although there are some groups and creatures whose bare
hands count as weapons.

There are a variety of modifiers that affect the success of a disarm attempt,
including both parties skills with the weapons involved, the accuracy of those
weapons, and relative strength and dexterity. Certain types of weapons provide
additional bonuses or penalties on a disarm check.  Unparryable weapons provide
a bonus to disarm attempts while two-handed weapons provide a better defense.

See also: weapons finesse