[Magic help] cast

Syntax: cast   

Before a spell can be cast, it must be trained at least once.  The more
a spell has been trained and practiced, the better the chance of success
when it is cast.  All spells require the use of the caster's own magical

Many spells can be cast without specifying either direction or target.  In
combat, for example, the target of an attack spell will often default to
the appropriate victim.  Other spells will default to the caster unless a
target is specified.  Ranged spells, those cast on someone not in the
room with the caster, will need to have a direction and either a target or
a distance specified.

If a spell name is more than one word, it must be quoted to cast it (such
as cast 'acid blast').  Spell names may also be abbreviated to a single

When an offensive spell is cast, the victim receives a saving throw.  The
effects of the spell may be reduced or eliminated if the victim's save is

See also:  release, magic, and individual spells