[Skills help] fletch

Syntax: fletch  

A scout proficient in the use of the bow soon realises that the cost of
purchasing arrows and their tendency to break are definitely problematic.
They can, therefore, master the art of fletching their own arrows.  The 
scout must be in a forest in order to find the necessary materials.  

At first the scout will only be able to create basic arrows, but as he 
increases in experience, more advanced arrows become available.  Types of 
arrows include hunting, battle, archery and barbed.  Eventually scouts can
can also use this skill to craft ammunition for crossbows.  These include
round and bladed bolts for normal crossbows, darts used for hand crossbows
and siege bolts used for siege crossbows.

By default the ammo created will be the same size as the fletcher, but you
may optionally specify an alternative size for the ammo you wish to create.

See also: reload shoot