[Combat help] duel  
Syntax: duel stun 
        duel kill 
        duel accept 
        duel concede 
        duel withdraw   
Duel allows two characters to fight one-on-one in a contest supervised by
the Duelists' Guild.  Duelists must be in the same area for the challenge to
be valid.  The challenge may not be offered or accepted if there are any
spells cast upon those involved by anyone else, though mages may certainly
protect themselves.  Once the duel is begun, any outside interference will
cause it to end.  The duel will also end if one person flees.  Once the duel
has been completed, the Guild will post a note to the boards detailing the
results of the fight.  A paladin or hellion who attacks without using the 
services of the guild is dishonorable and a coward and will be judged by
all who see them accordingly.
One note...if the duel is to stun, the Guild guarantees the safety of the
loser.  No victor in a stun duel will be given the opportunity to land the
killing blow. In a duel to the death, the Guild guarantees the safety of
the body and its possessions by bringing it to guild headquarters.