[Skills help] steal plant

Syntax: steal  
Syntax: plant  

Steal allows items to be stolen from the inventories of others.  This
skill may be used against anyone in the game.  Some factors that influence
whether or not a theft is successful include the size of the thief, the
difference in status between the thief and the victim, whether the victim
can see or hear the thief and the weight of the object to be stolen.

Beware though, as shop keepers guard their merchandise carefully and will
often attack anyone found trying to make off with their goods.  Other
penalties for failing an attempt include being outlawed in that kingdom.

Plant is the opposite of steal, allowing items to be placed in a victim's
inventory without their knowledge.  While planting an object is not against 
any law, the target is still likely to be hostile if you are caught.

See also: peek