[Skills help] Weapons Help


Each weapon skill modifies a character's chance to hit and damage with any
weapon sub-type in that skill's weapon group.  For classes with the parry
skill, a good knowledge of how to use your current weapon will enable better
parrying.  Some weapons are capable of special actions.

The weapon groups contain the following weapon sub-types:

axe      throwing axe, battle-axe, double-bladed axe, great-axe, pole-axe
bow      shortbow, longbow, compound bow, hunting bow, archery bow
crossbow hand crossbow, crossbow, siege crossbow, catapult, ballista
dagger   dagger, skinning knife, tanto, hunting knife, push-knife,
         throwing dagger, sai, curved dagger, straight dagger, khukri
flail    flail, ball and chain, morningstar, nunchaku
mace     club, spiked club, flanged mace, spiked mace, warhammer,
         spiked warhammer, flanged pole-mace, spiked pole-mace
spear    throwing spear, hunting spear, battle spear, ahlspiess, trident
polearm  halberd, pike, bill, glaive, bec de corbin, scythe, naginata, lance
staff    staff, cane, jo staff, bo staff, spiked staff, blade staff, ajatang
sword    shortsword, gladius, scimitar, wakizashi, kris, machete, rapier,
         epee, longsword, broadsword, katana, bastard sword, greatsword, cutlass
         claymore, flamberge, no-dachi, falchion, khopesh, landsknecht
whip     whip, riding crop, bullwhip, battle-whip, spiked chain
boulder  boulder, ore, ballista bolt
exotic   kama, sickle, kusari-gama, bandalore, bolo, shuriken, magical orbs

Two-handed weapons do not do additional damage but will allow the wielder to
make greater use of their strength.  If a weapon has reach, it can reach across
that one rank in a group formation and still be used for melee combat.  Massive
weapons are harder for opponents to parry and shield block, but are also harder
to parry with and take additional energy to swing in combat.

Some weapons can be thrown, including many types of daggers, throwing axes, 
throwing spears, bolos and shuriken.  Flails and whips cannot be parried without
special training.  The exotic skill cannot be taught or trained, and depends
solely upon level.  Not every weapon that exists is listed here.

See also: parry throw 'specialize list'