[Objects help] compare

Syntax: compare 

Compare used with a single argument compares the object, which must be in
your inventory to the object of similar type currently being worn or wielded.
Compare used with two arguments compares the two objects, both of which must
be in your inventory.

Only armor and weapons can be compared.  If the objects are armor, this will
report the one that provides the better protection.  If the objects being
compared are weapons, compare will report three different aspects - the
weapon with the best accuracy, the best damage and the best speed.  It
does not take into account any special modifiers on either object.

Note that for missile weapons and ammunition, the damage reported by compare 
for the missile weapon is the melee damage.  The damage reported by compare for 
the ammunition is the missile damage.  However when attempting to compute the 
speed and accuracy for a shot fired from a missile weapon, it is the average 
of the two values provided by the weapon and the ammunition.

See also: weapons armor2