[Religion help] conduct
Most people know to conduct themselves with the proper respect and awe in the
presence of immortals.  However, for the sake of those who are unfamiliar with
such etiquette or who have need a refresher, we provide these simple, easy to
follow guidelines.  If you follow this outline, it should keep you out of
unnecessary trouble with offended immortals and perhaps even enhance their
view of your roleplaying. 
Initial Contact with an Immortal Being
Think...what would you do if the head deity of your religion in real life
suddenly manifested before you?  Would you yawn?  Would you say, "Heya, God,
how are things?"  Would you take no notice? In reality, after you finished
wetting your leggings, you would most likely be paralyzed by a combination of
fear, awe, and joy.  Roleplay this.  Bowing to an immortal is not enough,
especially if you have never been in his or her presence before.  Kneeling is
good, and prostrating yourself before the immortal is also acceptable.  Note
that this is not just before the immortal that you follow or wish to follow,
but also before ANY immortal, whether you respect their sphere of influence or
not.  It is also common practice to ask permission before looking directly at
any immortal.
Subsequent Contact with Immortals
It is up to each immortal how casual you may become in his or her presence.
Algorab, for example, tends to require formal protocol at all times. A god
known as the Master of Chaos may, on the other hand, sit down and have a
beer with those he considers to be worthy of his attentions. 
  At all times, however, mortals must remain appropriately respectful.
One must always ask permission of the immortal when one needs to leave
their presence - simply walking out of the room is disrespectful and could
get you summoned by divine hands back to the immortal.  One must remain
vigilant about maintaining a posture of respect--immortals can be
unreliable in their moods (remind you of anyone you know?) and be easily
Contact with Members of Other Religions
In your contact with members of other religions, remember that the immortal
you follow has both friends and enemies amongst his or her counterparts. Keep
informed about your immortal's standing with the other members of the
pantheon, and you will avoid great misfortunes - it is considered blasphemy
to have too much of an affection for members of a religion whose immortal
being is out of favor with the one you follow.  Being raised from the dead or
resurrected by a priest of an opposing religion is particularly repugnant to
the gods, and they may react accordingly.
The Powers of the Immortals
When you ask to be accepted by an immortal, you are placing your life in his
or her hands.  If accepted, from then on you are at their mercy.  If you
displease the one you follow, they may choose to punish you in any in-
character manner that they see fit.  This includes slaying, energy draining,
cursing, revoking your membership in their religion, or a combination of the
above.  They may not, however, spam you, verbally harass you, or attempt to
punish you in any out of character way.  Should this occur, please try to
document it and then email a higher immortal.  Gods are more restricted in
meting out punishments to those who do not follow them, but beware -
sometimes immortals give each other permission to do what they will with a
follower who has fallen out of favor.  You may follow Achernar or Nashira,
for instance, but if Algorab has been put in charge of your fate, you're
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