[Game help] reward

Syntax:  reward small  
         reward medium 
         reward large   (gods only)
         reward level   (gods only)

Reward gives experience points to the target character.  It is to be used 
if that character has displayed excellent roleplaying.  This command is 
normally world-wide.  If you do not know the character name, you can use 
their adjective but only when in the same room.  The command may be used 
once every 24 hour period, although you must have logged on twice since 
the time period has elapsed before the next reward will be allowed.

Some guidelines for determining reward magnitude:

 Small:  1. Good spontaneous role-playing           
         2. Contribution to a role-play event.        
Medium:  1. Great spontaneous role-playing 
         2. Consistantly good role-playing over an extended time.
 Large:  1. Absolutely fantastic, spontaneous role-playing
         2. Great role-playing over an extended time period
         3. Development of an event involving several characters.
 Level:  1. Absolutely fantastic role-playing for an extended time 
         2. Development of an event which involves 10+ characters.     

Rewards should not be given to the same characters too often.  If they are
consistently good roleplayers, give them the higher reward once in awhile.
Every effort should be made to spread rewards around to everyone that 
deserves it.  Attempt to meet new characters all the time and watch them
for signs of good roleplaying.  Because characters know that you have the
capability of rewarding them, they will be on good behavior.  You do not
have to reward characters that you suspect are fawning on you.

Reward other paragons only infrequently.  Nepotism will be punished.