[License] sk-credits
Shattered Kingdoms would like to give special thanks to
    Bane: This mud only exists because of his motivation to find a site
    and start a new mud.  Many of our major features were coded by him.
    Dulrik: For incremental code enhancements over the years, some crucial
    area files, and builder coordination.
    Dreddnahr: For his administrative talents in keeping the mud running.
    Xandrennus: For incremental code enhancements.
    Diku, Merc, ROM, Isles: For providing us with base code to work with.
    Batmud, Carrion Fields, Mortal Realms: For random assorted ideas that
    we implemented without their code.
    Able, Blackwood, Crystalmir, Dreadweaver, Kalok, Presto, Shadowhunter,
    Tanis, Xareth: The initial builders who put time and effort into this
    mud before we were ready to playtest.
    All of the current deities of Shattered Kingdoms.
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