[Combat help] damage

There are three major categories of damage that your character will dish out
during combat -- melee damage, skill damage and spell damage.

Melee damage is damage done with any hand-held weapon.  When you hit
another player or mob, the hit is automatically assigned to a specified body
section of the victim.  The damage will be calculated based on the type of
weapon used and your character's damage bonus and skills.  This damage is
then compared to the amount of health points remain to the victim's body
section.  Based on this information, a damage message is then displayed.
Some examples:
     - You try to slice a bartender's chest, but you miss by a mile!
     - You punch at a guard's chest, causing only minor wounds.
     - You cleave a citizen's right leg. A citizen falls to the ground!
Skill damage comes from such command-based skills as dirt, kick and bash
that directly do damage to your opponent.  Damage skills such as these have
a successful result, an unsuccessful result and a kill result that can be
displayed. Examples:
     - Despite your efforts, you fail to trip a bartender.
     - Your twisted tactics pay off as the guard grabs his eyes in pain!
     - Your bash sends a citizen flying to the ground, snapping his neck!
Spell damage occurs when you cast an attack spell at a opponent.  Just
as with skills, spell damage will display one of three different messages
depending on whether the victim made a saving throw, failed a saving throw
or died.  Examples:
     - A few of your magic missiles slam into a bartender, hurting him.
     - The guard yelps in agony as your magma spray slowly burns his skin!
     - A citizen slumps to the ground holding his chest as you point at him!
Spell and skill damage messages are independent of the actual amount of
points of damage that are done to your opponent.