[Death help] Oracle Death-Quest Riddle

While wandering the Afterlife, you may wish to seek out the Oracle of the
Gods in an attempt to return to life.  If so, here are a few hints:

1. The penalties involved in using the Oracle vary depending on the time
   of day and the status of your character as follows:

   * Used during Happy Hour: No penalty (regardless of status)
   * Initiate to Journeyman: No penalty
   * Veteran to Master: 1/10 of a level penalty
   * Champion to Grandmaster: 1/5 of a level penalty

   Using the Oracle does NOT cause spirit disorientation.

2. The Oracle is a quest.  It is not a guaranteed way to return to life.  
   It is supposed to be challenging.  If you fail the quest, your choices 
   are to find a friend to bring you back or reincarnate.

3. Rooms which contain Oracle-related activities are private, so only one 
   soul can enter them at a time.  Be patient and wait for an opening. When 
   asked a riddle during the quest, respond in whole sentences, just as you 
   would with another character.  This sentence must contain the word 
   answer as well as the actual answer to the riddle:

   WRONG: You say 'A fishmonger's wife.'
   RIGHT: You say 'My answer is a fishmonger's wife.'

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