[Game help] Quitting your character

Syntax: delete (initial step)
Syntax: delete [option number] (confirmation step)
Syntax: retire (initial step)
Syntax: retire [option number] (confirmation step)

Delete will allow you to erase unwanted characters, freeing their names
for future use.  This command must be typed twice to delete a character.
You cannot be forced to delete.  Only new characters can be deleted.

Retire is used to quit a character once you are no longer eligible for
deletion.  Retired characters will be stripped of all leadership positions,
faction membership, cash and limited items.  Retired characters are unable
to login to the game unless the status is reversed by an administrator.

After the initial step, you will be asked for a reason why you are quitting 
your character.  Please read the options presented and enter the number for 
that answer during the confirmation step.  If you do not choose an answer
during the confirmation step, you will return to 'safe' status.

Retirement should be considered a permanent action.  The staff reserves
the right to ignore un-retirement requests for any reason.