[Communication help] description
Syntax: desc
Desc puts you into the description editor so that you may make your character's
description.  Within the editor, type .h for the editor help.  .c will clear
everything you have written so far.  .s will show what you have thus far
entered.  .f will format the description to 80 chars/line, a big help to those
with non-wrapping screens.  And @ on a new line will get you back out of the
For roleplaying purposes, all characters must have at least a THREE LINE
description by the time they reach NOVICE STATUS.  Be sure to include your race
and sex, but keep in mind that including your name in the description defeats
the purpose of the anonymous character and greet system that Shattered Kingdoms
uses.  If your race and/or sex change, your description must be updated to fit.
A good description will include physical attributes ONLY.  No actions ("He
always has a smile on his face.").  No thoughts ("She hates all griffons for
killing her family.").  No invoked emotions in the viewer ("You stand in fear of
his evil."). No equipment listing ("He wears the skins of red ticks from past
A good description link: https://www.engadget.com/2012/01/28/how-to-write-a-roleplaying-description-that-pops/
If you have certain mud clients, Zmud in particular, you will need to turn off
the client's "parsing" in order to use the . commands within the editor.
For Zmud, click on the little computer in the lower right-hand corner of the
screen.  For any other client, read its help files to determine how best to do
See also: action adjective title size faq