Objects Help

You will want to be able to handle various objects that you find as you
explore Shattered Kingdoms.  Each of the following has its own help file
for more information.

brandish quaff recite zap --  methods of using magical items
bury dig --  how to bury or unearth objects in the ground
buy list sell value --  methods of dealing with shopkeepers
compare --  how to find out which of two items is better
drink eat fill --  methods of keeping your character fed and happy
equipment inventory --  methods of finding out what you wear and carry
examine look --  methods of viewing objects and characters
get take give put drop --  methods of handling objects
hoarding -- learn how thieves may relieve you of limited items
hold wear wield remove --  methods of using equipment and items
junk -- how to get rid of items you no longer have use for
open close lock unlock --  methods of working with doors or containers
reload shoot --  how to use bows and arrows and crossbows and bolts
repair --  how to turn old, worn-out items new again
request --  a special command for those of good aura
resize --  how to custom-tailor that special clothing
tailor --  how to turn skins into clothing
read books -- how to read books and texts you find
outfit -- how to regain starting equipment