[Objects help] drop get give put take

Syntax: drop /drop  
        give  /give   

Drop will allow you to discard objects (or money) that you no longer wish
to carry.

Get will allow you to pick up objects and money.  If you add a container
name, the object will be taken out of the container.

Give will enable you to present objects or money to another character.
Take is a synonym for get.

Put will allow you to store objects in a container.  Putting your money
into something is a very good way to keep it safe from thieves.

Sometimes more than one item in the same room has matching
keywords. When this happens the syntax is:
        put 2. 
        take 3.
        drop .

'All' can be used with drop, get, put, and take so that any
number of the same object may be handled with a single command.