[Death help] Dying Dead

When your character dies, you become a ghost to haunt the area of your death
for a short time.  During this time, you may spy on your killers or manifest
to speak with either your friends or foes.  After a time (about 5 minutes), 
Death will come to escort your spirit to the Afterlife.  You will then be 
forced to wander until you have been brought back to life.

While in the Afterlife you have a couple of options.  One is to pursue the
quest to obtain an audience with the Oracle of the Gods.  Another is to
manifest your spirit and attempt to contact friends or priests who can
arrange to have you brought back to life.  Keep in mind that if you try to
use tells without first manifesting, your contact may not be able to reply.

See also: death manifest poltergeist oracle tell