[Communication help] emote pemote socials

Syntax: emote 

Emote is used to express emotions or actions.  Instead of typing emote, you
may use one of two shortcuts: the comma (,) or @I.  Within the action, you
may target one or more people in the room by prefixing their name or keyword
with the 'at' character (@).  When targeted this way, the viewer of the emote
will see them properly, such as by description instead of name if not greeted.

   Devan types: > emote lifts his finger and @2.butter lands on it.
 The room sees: Devan lifts his finger and a pale yellow butterfly lands on it.
   Devan types: > , smiles at @argyle and @freckled.
   Argyle sees: Devan smiles at you and a freckled female halfling.
   Kailey sees: A slender male elf smiles at a buff male human and you.
 The room sees: A slender male elf smiles at a buff male human and Kailey.

A derivative of emote called pemote allows for posessive emotes.  Instead of
typing pemote, there are two shortcuts: the reverse apostrophe (`) or @my.

   Devan types: > pemote armor clatters noisily as he rises from the bench.
 The room sees: Devan's armor clatters noisily as he rises from the bench.
   Devan types: > @my sword seeks out @argyle's heart.
   Argyle sees: Devan's sword seeks out your heart.
 The room sees: A slender male elf's sword seeks out a buff male human's heart.

@I, @my and @me can be used anywhere in an emote and will be translated to the
correct second and third person forms.  One pit-fall when using @I is that
verbs must be written in the third person, with the exception of the conversion
from 'am -> is' after @I and 'is -> are' (after second person you).

   Devan types: > @i am what @i am and that's all that @i am.
 The room sees: Devan is what he is and that's all that he is.
   Devan types: > @i am wondering what @argyle is doing here.
   Argyle sees: Devan is wondering what you are doing here.
 The room sees: A slender male elf is wondering what Argyle is doing here.

Besides emote, there are several dozen built-in social commands, such as
cackle, hug, and thank. The socials command lists all built-in socials on
Shattered Kingdoms.  They are grouped in the list roughly according to type.

See also: communication interaction socials