[Objects help] equipment inventory

Syntax: equipment/eq

Equipment lists the all of the equipment you are currently wearing or
holding.  This may include armor, jewelry, and weapons.  Some races may not
be able to wear certain types of items.

Inventory lists the objects that you are carrying. The number of objects
you can carry depends upon your strength and your dexterity.

An OOC note to all mortals...

    As a general rule, players may have one full set of armor that
they wear and one _maybe_ two back-up weapons.  We all know how 
annoying it is to have few high-level weapons and items out there,
so please, if you can't/don't/won't use the equipment you have, put
it back in circulation.  Other people are in need of equipment too.

This mud is a role-playing mud which attempts to be as realistic and fair 
as possible.  Mortal characters adventure to gain experience and better 
equipment.  Many muds impose artificial level restrictions that prevent 
characters from using equipment that is above their level.  This mud does 
not, because we feel that if a character groups with others to take down 
a mob tougher than they are, and gets some cool equipment out of the deal,
they should be able to use it.  Furthermore, if a starting character is
befriended by powerful mortals, it is possible that some gifts of money or
better equipment may be given.

You must remain in character, however.  Just because you know someone's
other character, does not mean that your current, powerful character
should automatically know and like the new character to the point that you
make gifts of such powerful items, and of course MULTIPLAYING IS FORBIDDEN.  

See also: multiplaying