[Training help] experience level XP

Your character advances in power by gaining experience.  The amount of
experience points required for each new level is based upon current level,
class, and race.

You gain experience by:
     - discovering a new area of appropriate level
     - successfully damaging a monster with a weapon
     - successfully damaging a monster with a spell
     - successfully casting non-combat spells
     - successfully teaching skills, spells or lyrics
     - successfully completing certain quests
     - being rewarded for excellent role-playing

You lose experience by:
     - fleeing from combat (except for rogues)
     - spending XP to train skill and spells
     - being the target of certain spells
     - some methods of being raised from the dead
     - being penalized for poor role-playing

The experience you get from combat depends on several things: how many
players are in your group; your level versus the level of the monster;
your alignment versus the monster's alignment; and some random variation.

Characters with a high unmodified charisma stat will receive bonus
experience, while those with low Charisma will suffer experience penalties.
Grouping in Shattered Kingdoms awards extra experience.  You may also
receive bonuses or penalties to experience based on your familiarity 
with the area as indicated by the worth command.

See Also: charisma quests training teach worth