[Newbie help] extras
This is a short list of tips and tricks from some of Shattered Kingdoms'
most venerable players --
* One thing to remember is that newbie schools are for new characters,
regardless of how much you may have mudded before (either here on SK or
elsewhere).  The mobs in the newbie schools are carefully monitored for
their suitability for young bodies to learn against.  This means that
citizens, children in the streets, puppies, and other characters are not
what you want to attempt to kill.   You will die.
* When wandering in a city, it is best to keep yourself set on MODE STUN
so that if you are accidentally attacked by a newbie, -you- don't end up
outlawed for murder.  In the same way, if you are killed, report the
murder to the nearest magistrate and let the law take over from there.
Don't worry...they'll get what's coming to them.
* A tip from a thief: never carry anything in your inventory that you
can't bear to lose.
* Some help files are great for fleshing out your understanding of the
history of SK, especially when planning the background for your character:
be sure to check out HELP PYRATHIA and HELP REALMS.
For a much more complete list of tips when playing, refer to HELP FAQ