[Newbie help] fight fighting
There may come a day on Shattered Kingdoms when you wish to fight, or are
forced to it by someone else.  If you are attacked, you will fight back
automatically.  If you wish to start the fight, however, you simply type
kill .  Depending on your chosen profession, you may be able to
kick, trip, or bash someone, or cast spells at them.
Should you need to get away during a fight, you can flee from the combat.
You may also set your wimpy so that you flee automatically if you are 
hurt worse than the percentage you set.
To help you decide if you wish to pick a fight with someone, you may
consider .  You will receive a message giving you some idea as to
how tough the person you are facing is, anything from You could probably
kill  naked to Death will welcome you.  Keep in mind that this 
is a very rough estimation at best.
See also: kill cast mode consider faq