[Combat help] flee wimpy

Syntax: flee

Once you start a fight, you can't just walk away from it.  If the fight is
not going well, you can attempt to flee, or another character can rescue
you.  If you lose your link while involved in a fight, your character will
keep fighting.  You may not recall while in combat, however, as your mind is
too occupied by fighting to concentrate on the necessary prayers.

Wimpy sets your wimpy value.  When your character takes damage that reduces
your hit points below your wimpy percentage, you will automatically attempt
to flee.  You will only flee if your character is not in a wait state -- i.e.
has not been using combat skills such as cast, trip and bash, and has not
been tripped or bashed by an enemy. Some monsters are wimpy, and will flee in
combat if they are hurt a certain amount.

See also: experience recall rescue retreat