[Game help] Heroes

A new age of heroes has dawned.  FOUR heroes currently walk the realms.

Little is known of these god-touched beings, as their blessings are not 
visible to the naked eye.  However, although all have spent years as leaders 
and mentors, they still have the same physical prowess of a youth straight 
out of training school.  They also no longer feel hunger nor thirst.  While 
showing no effect of age and living longer than others of their race, heroes 
are not immortal and eventually their life force still burns out.

While some may be tempted to pretend to be heroes, or disbelieve in their 
existence, those who have known them swear that the stories are true.  Heroes 
themselves normally claim no knowledge of why they were gifted, yet believe 
that their feats of valor and wisdom have gained the attention of the gods.

To know more about heroes at an OOC level, please read help hero-qa.

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