[Skill help] shoot

Syntax: shoot 
Syntax: shoot  

Shoot allows you to use a bow or crossbow, assuming you have the 
proper skill trained.  Just as some spells allow damage to be done from a
distance, some types of weapons do not require you to be in the same room as 
your victim in order to shoot them.  Damage from shooting depends on the 
quality of your ammunition as well as enchantments that might exist on your
weapon.  Enchantments can also be placed on ammo to increase its power.

The shoot command can also be used to fire siege weapons that can often be
found in fortified areas.  Siegecraft skill is required to use these weapons.

Note that if you are wielding a sling, the shoot command simply behaves
as if you'd typed the throw command, which is used for slings.

See also: sling bow crossbow siegecraft reload 'rapid shot'