Callisto was born of a world not our own.  Rumors have it that the place
she comes from is quite different from what we're used to.  The way she
acts tells of severe need to rely on one's self.  If this is because of a
unique tragedy, or the culture of her world is uncertain.  All that is
known is that she tends to remain to herself, and rarely seeks company.
Though, for some, this is a good thing...

Of her history, only bits and pieces are known..  mostly due to her
preference for seclusion.  It is known that when she first graced our
world, she was very much confused and frustrated.  She tended to get into
situations that were way above her head, acted like most people were
beneath her notice, and pandered to no one, God OR man.  It's as if she
had thought herself to be someone else.  Maybe even she had thought she
possessed more power than she did..  almost as if her weakness, in her
younger days, was unexpected for some reason.

After some time, she DID manage to calm down, become more level headed,
and even sociable at times.  Some say this was by design, and some believe
it was because she was starting to understand her place in our world.
Though, to this day, the way she acts around the gods is almost legendary.
Many see her actions as either a lack of respect, or a downright affront to
their being.  As of this writing, many still don't know why she's alive or
hasn't been the target of some God's wrath.  The only reason that seems
remotely possible is that she amuses them, somehow.

Callisto's general outlook, as hinted earlier, points to much time on her
own.  Whether this is truly the case is uncertain.  Her current station, as
Princess of Vengeance, could allude to great lengths of time in the shadows.
But, as the following of Lord Nightfall is such a mystery, it is hard to
tell if this time is spent working dastardly plots..  or simply staring at
clouds and rabbits.

>From many sources, it seems as if she is bored quite often and is equally as
prone to silently walking into a room, staring at walls, as she is to finding
people in the room she ends up, and then proceeding to use their corpse's
blood to do finger-painting on the walls she ends up staring at.  This woman
seems bored, but we never said she was predictable.  Just think of a child
with the power of a small army.

What is known of her today doesn't add up to a clear picture, either.  She is
still Princess of Vengeance for Lord Nightfall.  It has become clear that she
is part of the Empire's Midnight Council.  What role she performs for either
is an unsure guess, at best.  She isn't really heard from until some great
task is underway, or some great trouble is on the rise.  She also involves
herself in anything where gaining of powerful weapons and armor, or relative
wealth, is expected.  Other than that, it's still a bleak prospect to figure
what she will be doing next.  Though, it is of great interest of our sect to
see what she is TRULY doing those months that no one sees her.  We can't
possibly believe she does NOTHING in between the times the public hears of her
presence, and then she disappears for weeks.  It just doesn't make sense...

Our advice to others..  If you are prone to follow Lords Dulrik or Zarathustra,
this is not the most healthy woman to be in the company of.  While many of the
Light have had quite long discussions with her, and lived, it is never certain
if it was due to her liking them, or because there were too many witnesses.
If you are more likely to walk in the paths of Lords Nightfall and Dreddnahr,
then we regret that you have found a friend.  Our world will probably suffer
for it.

May the Gods have mercy on us all.