Kiev was born to an elven woman and an unknown human male.  Left upon the
doorstep of House Amroth, he was raised by them.  He is half-brother to
Quirk and Arminius.  When Kiev came of age, he received a vision bidding him
to travel to the Temple of Dulrik in Nerina.  Upon his arrival, he entered
the school with Orion as his mentor.  Studying hard and learning rapidly, he
advanced through the ranks of Nerina's school.  Orion felt it was time to
let the young knight travel the realms on his own and sent him forth.

During his travels, Kiev met many friends and even more enemies.  He joined
with the protectors of Nerina and for many years was one of the realms'
greatest mediators.  Dark times befell Nerina and Kiev felt he could do
nothing with the restrictions which were placed upon him.  He left the
Brotherhood in search of his true place in the realms.  During this time,
many powerful people arose from the ranks of the Dark Gods.  Kiev returned
to find his presence sorely needed.  He joined with the Taslamaran Army as
an advisor and mentor to the younglings which were in the city of Exile.

Few scant years passed and the Queen's Band became wrought with dissention.
The leader of her Band was slain causing further problems.  Thus it came to
pass that Kiev was chosen to lead the Queen's Band.  Being the reluctant
person that he was, Kiev didn't immediately take to the new appointment.  No
sooner than he had been chosen than Hordes of Darkness descended upon Exile.
Kiev took the reigns and drove the invaders out of the city.  There were
many losses in the battles that followed.  Little more than a Queen and a
few Defenders were left to protect Exile.  The Band was able to keep the
peace, while Kiev made Treaties that ensured the Peace.  

To this day, Kiev holds many titles: Knight-General of Taslamar and Knight
of Dulrik are the two he is most known for.  Where evil raises its dark
head, Kiev will ride forth to destroy it.