Reghradk was born to a minor House in the deep-elf city of Ch'zzrym.  Her mother
was a matron,  and played a large factor in shaping her personality.  Her
father was one of the family sex-slaves, and was eventually killed when
Reghradk was young due to lackings in his performance.  Males were treated
as inferiors in her House, and this perception was firmly imprinted on
Reghradk.  She considers the female gender superior to that of men, and
herself as superior over everyone else.  Like any sensible young deep-elf, she
was raised in the religion of Ice, and was eventually adopted as an

Raised in a traditional deep-elf household, she eventually went to study under
the necromantic master Ulryn.  Completing her training there, she left the
deep-elf city to explore the meager cultures outside.  Her travels brought her
to the Empire of the Bright Star, where her skills as a mage were
appreciated.  She furthered tutelage under the master in Seawatch and preyed
upon travelers that visited that small village.  Underneath that master's
instruction, she learned of the mage school of Tlaxcala, and traveled there
to see what skills they could possibly instruct.  It was there  that she
gained the acquaintance of other mages who studied the art of necromancy.
It was through this crowd that Reghradk learned of the Guild at Krychire.
She was granted citizenship there, and began rapidly rising through the
ranks in the Guild of Necromancy.

Perfecting her spells, Reghradk began exploring more of the world.  One of
the places that caught her fancy was the ancient jade city of N'kashya and
the ruins of Necropolis.  Here, underneath the city, fascinating creatures
dwelled in caves that somewhat reminded her of home.  She witnessed their
systematic slaughter by self-righteous crusaders, which angered her greatly.
Allying herself with and controlling the minions of the city of the dead,
she brought hundreds of her slaves to these jade caves.  The bloodbath that
ensued was most pleasing to her.

Seeking to show her power to her teachers, Reghradk traveled back to the
city of her youth, Ch'zzrym.  There, she defeated her former master,  Ulryn,
as well as causing the deaths of at least seven matron mothers.  Returning
to Krychire, Reghradk assumed the position of Head of the Guild of
Necromancy without challenge.

Reghradk can been seen all over the realms, always in the company of the
undead servants.  She has long preferred their silent obedient presence over
the company of living things.  Rumor has it that Lord Varloch is her current
consort and that she and the undead knight are often found wandering among
the tombs and mausoleums of Necropolis.