Lord of Mirth and Insanity

Insanity:  Obsession, Addiction, Madness, Delusion
Chaos:     Spontaneity, Disorder, Confusion
Pleasure:  Drink, Food, Entertainment, Sexuality
Misc:      Sheep, Undergarments, Oneness, and Stuff

Yopparai seeks to help all mortals experience the ultimate release of the
carefree mind.  To accomplish this it is necessary for members of his faith
to break out of the confines of logic and so called "rational" thought.
Yopp and his priests will lead a follower through strict, disciplined
routines, only to throw them into a situation of complete chaos, or
subject them to periods of divine madness, then suddenly require of them
great feats of logic.  Each episode seeks to break the mind from the
patterns it blindly follows.
Mastery over Chaos is an oxymoron, and so naturally falls into Yopparai's
lap.  In godhood, his state of mental disorganization becomes an external
force.  The threads of Fate become tangled where ever Yopparai's influence
is felt.  It is enough to drive Yizashi to drink.  Order and Predictability
are just two more snares that trap the mind.

For those that do not follow him, Yopparai, through his faithful, tries to
lighten the pressures of daily life through parties, plays, performances
of poetry and song (mostly of a bawdy nature) and puppet shows.  Knowing
that laughing at oneself is often the best way to truly overcome oneself,
the performances often involve parodies of well known and influential
people.  These are not always well received.
In pursuit of his goals, Yopparai's followers will employ all forms of
pharmaceuticals and alcohol at their disposal.  All forms of pleasure are
considered worthy of pursuit and are highly encouraged in others as well.

While Yopparai will accept anyone who truly seeks a free mind, his
influences tend to appeal to Thespians, Bards, Swashbucklers, Clowns and
Circus Acts.  Though not a wielder of magic in mortal life, Yopp
understands the effectiveness of a well-placed spell to achieve an
entertaining outcome.

Magicians of all ilks are encouraged to find new ways to use their powers
to entertain and amuse.  For more information about Yopparai's life as a
mortal and his ascension into the pantheon, see the Yopparai Section of
the Library of Nerina.