Rendon Halfbit was born and raised a typical halfling.  His parents, pious
followers of Dulrik, raised sheep and farmed the plains east of Nerina.
However, at the age of twenty, his life was changed in a mysterious lint
related accident.  One day, why watching the sheep, Rendon noticed a strange
piece of stuff tangled in his toe hair.  When he bent over to pluck the bit
of fluff from his foot, a ram, tempted by the large target, butted him
soundly in the behind.  Rendon fell forward, struck his head on a rock, and
fell unconscious.  His parents tended his injury for more than a week, but
to no avail.  Even the famed powers of the healer Orion could not awaken the
young halfling.  Finally, his father decided to consult the specialists at
the Sunny Sanitarium and gently loaded Rendon into the family ox cart for
the long journey to Menegroth.
At Sunny Side, the doctors treated Rendon by subjecting him to the lightning
bolt spells of novice warlocks.  The therapy worked, but he awoke with no
memory of his past or identity, and he had clearly become a bit eccentric.
His doctors' reports said he was "R. Halfbit," and, among other things, that
he demonstrated "random behavior."  Rendon put two and two together, came up
with five, and renamed himself Random.
(Interestingly enough, Random's father never returned to clear up the error,
or to even claim his son.  It seems that the elder Halfbit, in his
exploration of Menegroth, stumbled across Kirlud's bar.  He sampled a few
beverages and, being from the entirely too sober city of Nerina, was soon
arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.  The magistrate
sentenced him to one week in Kytar, where a Hellion trainee named Elhannon
killed him.  But that is another story....)
Random grew to adulthood under strong sedation among the lunatics of the
Sunny Sanitarium.  He would often sneak off and explore the place while
hiding in the shadows, and it was on one such day that he met a bizarre old
coot named Lenny, who babbled unceasingly about sheep and someone named
"Yigg." The two became fast friends and Random soon began to learn the
mysteries of plaid, cheese dip, and naughty bits.  Then, after years of
training, Lenny showed him a small rock.
"Snatch the pebble from my hand, piss ant."
He tried and failed, and Lenny slapped him soundly across the face.
"Get some REAL Stuff, fat boy!"
With this charge, Random left the sanitarium and returned to Nerina to
preach the ways of Yigg.  He eventually fell in with a drunken swashbuckler
named Yopparai, who would gladly throw his life away for free booze.  Random
recognized a good thing when he saw it, converted Yopparai to the Church of
Mirth, and the two spread their Master's teachings across the realms.
Random is best know for his generosity with Stuff, his willingness to help
anyone who will drink a toast to Yigg, and his remarkable ability to flee
from combat while leaving his comrades to die.