[Communication help] greet

Syntax: greet 
Syntax: greet all

Greet is used to introduce yourself to another person. Once you greet
another person they will know your name and possibly your profession.  You
will not necessarily be greeted in return.

The number of people whom you can remember depends upon your intelligence.
Once you come to the limit of your ability to remember people, your new
acquaintances will replace the people who you haven't seen for the longest
time in your memory.  Therefore you may find yourself meeting an old
acquaintance as if for the first time.

Greet all can be used to greet everyone in the room at the same time.
If you wish to automatically return another person's greeting, auto greet 
may be selected.  Auto greet does not currently work with greet all.  To 
keep your chosen profession a secret, select the auto anonymous option.

See also: auto