Rimi Tor, and Lasell Fayal gave birth to their only child, Kirin Tor, late in
the year 401, and were married on the first day of the new year.

Lasell was one of the hunters and guardians of the village nearby Walachya, a
profession she was quite skilled at.  She would often go out alone and come
back with two or three elk on her back.  She was also skilled in aerial
combat (as all griffons are).  She has lived a long and happy life, and she
wants to move to somewhere more populated so she can finally relax.

Rimi was not from anywhere near the village, he lived on the mountains
southeast of Nerina.  He was an extremely skilled sorcerer who seemed to have
a knack for the polymorph spell.  One way to prove it is to show the
existence of Kirin for Rimi was not a griffon, but a human.  Not only that,
he has vague memories of the griffon Verbose.  He doesnt remember when he
met him, but remembers meeting him sometime in his youth.
Both thought that Kirin should be adept at defending himself, and so his
mother began to teach him to fight while his father taught him the arcane
arts.  He was taught to combine the two into a single method of fighting.  He
picked up on this quite well, and was even able to hold his own against the
other guardians in single combat.  He rarely won, he was only 1 after all,
but he more than once surprised them with stunning combinations of magic and

When he was three, Kirin was sent to Exile for more formal training in the
arcane arts, but he often flew back home to visit his parents and friends.
He made few friends, preferring to keep to himself.  Most people tended to
act before putting the proper thought into the repercussions.  So he spend
his time, helping as he could.  Mostly in the caverns southwest of Exile.
That pattern continued for about 10 years.
It was round about then when he stumbled upon an older griffon named Mandigal
Kibagami.  He was in the elven city of Lytheldar looking to improve his
technique in the mirror image spell when they met.  Mandigal added to Kirins
combat knowledge.  He taught Kirin when to fight, and when not to.  What to
fight for, and what not to.  They spent a lot of time together through the
next 30 years and became quite good friends.  They had many a grand
adventure, and roamed the countryside.

As with all good things though, something came to interrupt the harmony.
Enter a dragon named Krintak.  Krintak wandered from city to city, and
slaughtered the inhabitants until there was no one left, then she would move
on.  Mandigal and Kirin finally caught up with her in what was then the
Citadel of Chaos.  Kirin and Mandigal prepared for battle with Kirin casting
every defensive spell he could on Mandigal.  Mandigal surprised Kirin when he
told Kirin NOT to help him defeat the dragon.  Kirin began to protest, but
obeyed his friends wishes.  The battle lasted for quite some time, and in
the end, the Citadel was destroyed.  On that day though, something else
happened.  Mandigal was able to defeat Krintak, but was himself killed.
Kirin lost his greatest friend.
For many days, he did not leave that spot, perhaps not wanting to believe
what had happened, perhaps hoping Mandigal had survived, or even that he may
contact him somehow.  That is exactly what happened.  Mandigals spirit was
able to somehow contact Kirin and they had a long conversation.  Kirin,
though saddened, listened to his friends words, and moved on.

Kirin wandered about aimlessly for about 2 years.  Every month though, he
would return to the site and pray that Mandigal was well.  While flying over
the mountains far south of the mainland, he stumbled upon an island.  And
gliding in a wide orbit about this island was a human riding a silver dragon.
He climbed to greet the human, and then they both landed on the island to
talk.  Kirin felt inclined to tell this human everything.  As it turns out,
Kirin was the first mortal to view the god, Xandrennus, and also became his
first follower.