[Objects help] bury dig

Syntax: bury  [with ]
Syntax: dig [with ]

Both of these commands require the use of a digging tool such as a shovel
or trowel.  Equipping the tool is not required, but if you do so, you will
not need to type out the additional syntax for tool selection.

Bury will hide an object in the ground.

Dig will unearth objects which are hidden in the ground.  If no objects
are buried, you may unearth other items that could prove useful.  For
example, you may uncover stones suitable for throwing and slinging.  Rocky
terrain increases the number of sling stones that can be found.

Characters that throw boulders will tend to uncover them while digging.

For information about the dig spell, read the earthquake help file.

See also: earthquake throw shoot sling boulder