[Objects help] repair resize

Syntax: repair list
Syntax: repair 
Syntax: resize list
Syntax: resize  

Things get damaged in fights.  Things get worn out from hard use.  You don't
want to walk around looking shabby, do you?  Tailors, blacksmiths, carpenters 
and lapidaries are often able to repair your things, making them look new 
again.  Once something is broken, though, it is usually past all help.

There may come a time when you find something that you just have to have -
a belt or a sword or a helmet - but it just doesn't fit very well.  Tailors, 
blacksmiths, carpenters and lapidaries, however, are often able to resize 
equipment, custom-tailoring them to fit you, provided you know your size.

Each shop works with a specific list of materials:
   * Tailor     - flesh, feathers, rubber, cloth, silk, suede, fur, 
                  leather, scale, dragonscale
   * Blacksmith - brass, copper, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, iron, 
                  cold iron, steel, tanso steel, mithril, adamantite
   * Lapidary   - china, crystal, glass, amber, pearl, jade, gemstone, 
                  stone, obsidian, diamond
   * Carpenter  - ivory, ice, plant, wood, yew, ebony, sacred oak

The tailor also offers additional equipment creation services.

See also: condition size attributes tailor