Severen was born in a tiny village far in the southern parts of the Selkwood.
Her father was the town's mayor, her mother its social queen.  Both were
brutally murdered when she was a child.  The grief-stricken little girl ran
away from the home that had turned into such a violent memory for her.  She
wandered through the forest for days until she stumbled into an elderly gypsy
woman washing cloths in a stream.  The woman felt an instant kinship with the
child and brought her back to her campground.  The gypsies welcomed the child
to their campfire, and as they danced and sang and played their music around
her, the lost little girl found a strange comfort.  They took her in, made
her one of theirs, and became her new family.  She learned the beauty of
music, and how to sing with them, but most importantly, she learned to weave
tales with them.  The gypsies were a motley group, made up of different races
and ideals, and the little girl grew up retaining little of her elven
heritage.  The gypsies tought her tolerance and acceptance, their belief that
each person had their own way, and that a singular destiny was something each
person needed to lead for themselves, and each should accept it as that.
As she reached adulthood, Severen thought more on Fate and Chance, and slowly
came to realize her own destiny as priestess of Yizashi.  When it was time,
she bid the gypsies goodbye, and came to Exile to start a new life.  The
civilized ways of the city were strange and unyielding at first to her, but
she adapted quickly enough to them.  She devoted herself to Yizashi, and
preached His word throughout the Realms.  She met a young human named
PeQulYar, and to this day he remains her closest friend and protector.  To
keep in touch with the Selkwood, she joined the Druids of the Wild Reaches,
though she was forced to part from them years later.  Her affiliation with
the elusive Harlequins is rumored, but never confirmed by her.
She is generally friendly, helps those that never ask for it, and is always
willing to tell a story, or play her favored silver flute.  Her quirky sense
of humor is well known for being unpredictable, and while she is generally
a gentle presense, when angered she makes a harsh enemy.