[Communication help] adjective
Syntax: adjective 
You get one chance to give yourself a SINGLE describing word of less than
15 letters that will stay with you for the ENTIRE life of your character.
This word should be something that describes your character's physical
appearance and would be immediately obvious to people seeing you for the
first time.  Be sure that the adjective is:
- still valid if you are asleep or unaware of someone looking at you
- does not refer to emotions or behaviour not based on appearance
- should not represent anything that is not a part of your body
- should not refer to clothing or equipment, color or have punctuation
You will NEVER be able to change your adjective, so use this command very
carefully.  Adjective changes may be requested but we don't make any
guarantee that we will do it for you.  An adjective is REQUIRED, so please
set one as soon as possible.  Players who haven't greeted you will see
something similar to the following:
  Adjective not set:       A male human is here.
  Adjective of tall:  A tall male human is here.
The adjective can be used as a target for a command in the same way that
your name would be used. Here are a few example adjectives that would be
considered acceptable:
  short                tall                wrinkled            dirty
  immaculate           red-haired          green-eyed          tanned
  rotund               freckled            slender             pale
  smelly               frail               flamboyant          disheveled
Note: Purposely selecting an adjective that is intended to be masked
by a pet, elemental, or controlled NPC is considered cheating and is a 
punishable offense. For instance, a warlock should avoid adjectives that
contain words such as "fire," or "water," et cetera because an elemental
will have the same adjective.
See also: description action title faq pray