Years ago, a Taslamaran farmer named Thurlon caught his son in a hayloft with
Leithal, the Millers daughter.  Thurlon decided the best course would be to
arrange a marriage and avoid further scandal.
Thurlons son, swore he would not marry the Buthchers daughter Grunthba.
After many days of back and forth arguing, the son packed his belongings,
kissed Leithal goodbye and headed off to join a Mercenary cohort.
The road to military life took a sharp turn for Thurlons son, Fayne.
Raymor, the recruiting sergeant who interviewed him,  was impressed enough
with his strength and stamina, but upon questioning Fayne, it was discovered
Fayne only wished to fight for causes that were just and right. Battles of
good vs evil. No mercenary cohort would long survive under such
constrictions, so Raymor recommended Fayne speak to the paladin Kiev St.
As Faynes skills as a warrior grew, his intellect was nurtured by his
readings. In time, he came to meet the Dwarven warrior Akein.  Fayne
discussed his desire with Akein to serve Dulrik, the god of Truth. Through
many discussions Akein tested Faynes desire and knowledge.  This dwarven
veteran of the struggles Truth undertook in this realm knew well the
difficulty of the path Fayne stood before. At length Fayne was sworn to the
Lord of Truth, Honor and Discipline.
Seeking Sir Kiev St. Croix, Fayne explained his past, and desire to learn at
his side as squire. Sir Kiev accepted Fayne, and began a course of study that
would lead to paladinhood for Fayne. Hearing of difficulties to the north,
Fayne traveled to his home country again.  The forces of light in service to
Serena, regent of Taslamar, known as the Hammer of Light inducted Fayne and
he was once again married to the war against evil.
Faynes first test came soon after, when Alden, the Knight Lord of the Bright
Star outlawed him for his friendship with Sidon. Fayne felt this a cowardly
act, to be set upon by forces that were lackeys for one proclaiming to be a
warrior of honor. Fayne wrote his reply to all the realms and challenged
Alden to meet him face to face instead of send his underlings to do the deed.
They met upon a quiet stretch of road east of Teron one day, Fayne, alone but
for his faith and Alden with an entourage to be entertained with the slaying
of a paladin of Dulrik.  To Aldens credit, the battle commenced in an
honorable fashion.
Blow after blow was exchanged. The air warmed then began to steam as bolts of
Holy Fire slammed into Alden. Steel met steel, and the magic of enchanted
blades burst into thunders as each warrior struck with the fury of the
thousands of battles good has fought against evil.  Fayne was near death,
staggering under the damage done to him. His armor was beaten badly, blood
poured profusely from his wounds and his weak blows were doing no further
damage to the Knight Lord Alden. As Alden showed an evil grin, and began his
last incantation, Fayne cried out to his Lord Dulrik for one last Bolt of
The air exploded with the sound of the rage of angels as Holy Fire burned
Alden to death.  The fallen hellion lay still. Nothing moved.
Fayne, himself at deaths door, drew breath to speak. At that moment,
treachery unfolded. Aldens wife, infuriated at the victory the Holy Knight
had gained, slew Fayne.  Drifting in the afterlife, feeling Aldens presence,
Fayne learned how victory had been achieved. Alden had sought not glory for
his lord, but for himself in attempting to use the spell of domination over
Fayne. Fayne, on the other hand, had fought seeking honor only for his Lord.
And by calling upon him, won. Thus is defined the difference. The
selflessness of those seeking to honor the Lords of Light and assist the
downtrodden and innocent, and the selfishness of those who serve the Lords of
Darkness, seeking to dominate those they deem weaker than themselves.
Thus did Fayne begin his life of service to his lord Dulrik.