Abane T'sliasha was born on an Island far to the northeast, away from
the great cities of the mainland. The life he knew for the first hundred years
of his life was that of a hunter. However, that took a dramatic change shortly
after his hundredth birthday. While sailing a small wind skiff on the lake at
the center of his homeland, a strange mist quickly covered the lake. Abane
found himself surrounded by an eerie glow, and heard the sounds of voices
echoing out from the mist. Then, as quickly as it came, the mist disappeared.
However, things had changed dramatically in those few moments. Abane found
himself on a great ocean, far from his homeland.
        Unfortunately for Abane, being far away from his home wasn't his only
problem. Far to the east he could make out land, yet between it and him was a
fast approaching storm. Abane's boat was not in anyway capable of ocean
traveling, as it was meant only to be piloted on lakes and rivers. The storm
almost drowned Abane, yet with the spirits blessing he survived, waking to find
himself on the shore of this new land.
        Abane quickly traveled to the east, determined to find out what had
happened to him. The first city Abane had ever seen was Exile. The size of the
city overwhelmed him, yet with no answers he ventured into the city hoping to
find the answers to his questions there. There he met Jalma, and was invited to
join the S'hochi, the great tribe who once held much power in the realms.
Agreeing to join the S'hochi, Abane traveled away from Exile to the south,
never imagining his life would take him back to the city again.
        His time in the S'hochi was some of the best moments of Abane's life.
He met many a strong tribesman and women, and is honored to have been part of
S'hochi. Always will the names of his Chief Tarak and the speakers Jalma and
Zephir be remembered by him, as well as Whyst, Silveran, Lanore, and most of
all, his best friend Dryel.
        Yet fate was not to allow Abane to live out his life happily in the
forests of the Alliance. For with the stirring of the God of Blood Zynor, Abane
was forced to leave his tribe to fight against the minions of Zynor, namely the
terrible Quad. One of Abane's hardest moments, he still regrets leaving his
tribe, but knows he had no choice as the only way to protect those he loved was
to fight against the minions of Zynor.
        After leaving his tribe Abane found himself back in the city of Exile,
which it seemed was the location of trouble most often, whether it be from
undead necromancers or armies of the empire. Using his talents often to help
the citizens of Exile, Abane was found himself becoming friends with those
strange humans who coat themselves in steel. When his friend Fayne asked him to
join the Hammer, to help protect the citizens of Taslamar, he gladly accepted,
knowing he would need all the help he could get for the battles to come. Since
then Abane has fought many battles beside his allies against the forces of
darkness. He continues to do his best to protect Taslamar and his friends from
other nations against the any encroaching evil.