After the abduction of his wife Basma by her father, Akein Stonehead left
the life of a goat herdsman to spend his anger and frustration as a
mercenary. A decade went by before his feelings cooled to the point that
his more peaceful nature took hold. It was while contemplating his life and
task of searching for Basma, that Akein found that the virtues that he had
learned from his father Donuck, were guiding him to the service of Lord
Dulrik. Akein was found by a priestess, worshipping in Taslamars temple to
Lord Dulrik. Seven, long years later, Akein took the Oath of Service. 
After the death of Kiev St. Croix, Lord Dulrik looked upon Akein with Favor
and bade him to tend to the faith while the Favored Priestess and Paladin
were in duties elsewhere. The title Holy Warrior has been worn by Akein
since then. Within a decade, the Favored Paladin Drew was called home by the
Blade of Truth to serve elsewhere. Since the Favored Priestess frequently
disappeared for years at a time for various reasons, Akein found himself
routinely acting as the Leader of the Faith.
During these years, Akein found Quin, a sprite, to be as close to him as
family. A tragic incident emerged from Quins past which nearly tore them
apart. After reviewing the circumstances of the situation, Akein realized
that Quin held himself in Honor towards him and decided that Quin was worthy
of being Family. Such was the way that Quin became a brother to Akein and
was bestowed the surname Stonehead.
After the departure of Drew, many noticed strange behaviors from Akein. He
was found walking asleep as if he was in another world. Answers to this
malady were unknown, but it got progressively worse until the day that
Akeins very soul was ripped from his body and sent hurtling into eternity.
In another realm, Akeins wife Basma had killed her father and with the aid
of an avatar of the gods there, was sent back to our own realm.
Unfortunately, to send her back they anchored a golden-thread upon Akein. As
Basma drew closer, the events of what she went through in those years
transmitted themselves into Akein by the vibrations of the golden-thread.
When she was close enough, the pull upon Akein sent him to her and they met
in the far reaches of Eternity. Their reunion was joyous, but when they
returned to physical form, the thread had not dissipated. A fusion of soul,
mind, and body occurred as the two souls entered into the same space. Akein/
Basma awoke, changed physically and mentally. Within a few years, the fusion
settled into an alloy in which Akein achieved dominance in all aspects.
Basma still lives within him, but can only be heard like a mountain whisper
by Akein.
Qazpe came to Akein in the Pagoda one day. He asked many questions and after
nine years, offered a position to Akein within the Order of the Fists of the
White Swan. That day, Qazpe and Akein walked into Silva, Krysha, and Naden,
on their way to the Elven Master. A battle took place, but before either
side could see it to the end, there was a withdrawal. Akein was quickly
inducted into the Order and soon after asked Lord Dulrik to turn over the
leadership of the Faith to the priests Olrin and Midorii. 
Since that time, Akein has seen to the needs of Zhenshi and has battled
where there is cause. In the blessings of Lord Dulrik, may he continue to
uphold the Holy Virtues and bring them to the world.