The Crimson Fang
        Abandoned as a small child, Damacon was left to fend for himself on the
streets of Teron.  In his mid-teens, he was abducted by a blood cult, the Crimson
Fang, and was to be offered as their first human sacrifice.  However, the cults
leader, Maelomeir, took an immediate liking to the boy, and instead of being
sacrificed, he was initiated into the cult.  Just a few short years after his
initiation, he assumed leadership of the cult after Maelomeir mysteriously vanished.
        The cult reached its zenith of power during Damacons reign, and its
influence was rivaled only by that of the Thieves Guild.  However, instead of
falling prey to his own ambition and attempting to supplant the Guilds control,
Damacon negotiated an alliance with their Guildmaster, Elghinn.  A bond was
forged between the two that would span the decades and troubles to come.
        As the Crimson Fang became more powerful, it also attracted more
attention.  Unfortunately, it was noticed by the followers of the Blood Lord who
believed the cult should answer to their Mistress, Mortifair.  A brief, but bloody,
war was waged on the streets of Teron.  Despite several victories, the cult was
finally defeated and its members offered a choice:  Rebirth or Destruction.
        Fanatical in their devotion to Damacon, most of the cult members perished
rather than betray him.  However, he was not as loyal to them, and instead of being
destroyed, he chose to be Reborn into Blood.
The Nerina Plot
        Shrouded in secrecy, few details are known of Damacons involvement in
the siege of Nerina.  What is known is that he was lured into the plot by a
charismatic and ambitious mystic named Mohan.  In return for helping Mohan
conquer the city, Damacon was promised that he would be given the Temple of
Dulrik to do with as he pleased.  So, Damacon pledged an oath to the Blood Lord
seeking His favor.  Once the city was conquered and the defenders vanquished, he
intended to defile the temple and consecrate it in the name of Blood.
        Utilizing his long standing alliance with the Thieves Guild of Teron and his
own potent magic, Damacon was able to assemble a small, but deadly, contingent
of assassins and extraplanar creatures to spearhead the invasion.
        Thwarted by betrayal and information leaks, the siege was a dismal failure.
Damacons vanguard arrived to find the entire city alerted and prepared for battle. 
Despite a valiant effort, the invading army was vastly outnumbered and completely
annihilated.  Damacon narrowly escaped death and was forced to retreat the battle.
The Aftermath:  Banished to the VOID
        In the aftermath of the invasion, it was assumed that Damacon had been
killed during the fighting.  Some speculated that he went into hiding to elude his
enemies.  However, the truth was far more unpleasant.  Failing in his oath to the
Blood Lord, he was banished to the VOID where he was punished unmercifully.
        Vengeful blood spirits ripped the flesh from his bones, and his blood was
boiled by the violent heat of sentient flames that licked at his wounds.  Hovering
constantly at the brink of death, he was never granted release.  Instead, he endured
endless torment for his failure.  Until at last, he made a pact with the blood spirits
that tortured him.  In return for his soul, they agreed to free him.  Yet, despite his
perilous predicament, he risked his very existence by tricking the blood spirits.  As
they released him, he used his magic to siphon part of the VOID.
The Restoration
        After being restored from the VOID, Damacon was sought out by the
Necromancers Guild.  Seeking a powerful ally to help them liberate Krychire from
Imperial control, the necromancers offered Damacon rulership of the village.
        Accepting their offer, he immediately decreed the village to be under
self-rule.  Fearful of challenging the decree, the Empire capitulated to his every
demand and signed a treaty relinquishing control of Krychire.
        Ruling the city with an iron fist, martial law was imposed to ensure total
compliance with his authority.  A self-described tyrant, Damacon has vowed to
return Krychire to its golden days of power and prestige.