Olrin Ironfist, son of Garin Ironfist, was born to a family of gemsmiths in the
dwarven city of Vaerlain.  He spent his early years with his father, not in the
mines, but rather in the shop learning the secrets of the gem trade.  His parents
quite often left the city to trade in the more extravagant market that the Empire
of the Bright Star seemed to offer, and spent weeks at a time away from him. 
Instead of being allowed the freedom to roam the city and the Zhenshi countryside,
he was often left in the care of a family friend--a Dulrikian priest that resided
in the city of Nerina, and served the church there.  His parents were never very
religious people, and in fact did not maintain a patron immortal at all.
Most of Olrin's education in the doctrine of the church of Dulrik was received
with this priest.  Within years he approach the elders of the church at that time:
Sir Drew Boucher and Sibieu McGowan.  His fiery attitude, love of Dulrik, and
vigurous studies soon earned him a higher position in the church as his service to
Dulrik grew into priesthood.  It was nearly a week later when the great paladin,
Sir Kiev St.  Croix, died.  With his death, Olrin pushed into the ranks of the
church, looking for leadership from other followers--and finding it in Sir Fayne
Dannerson.  For years, Olrin spent studying in the Zhensh city and on the field
with Fayne and others.  In time, he was made a master in the faith of Dulrik, one
of the leaders who taught the virtues of his lord.
Despite his honorable way of life, he had an deeply routed suspicion of the deep-elf
race.  He held no trust in any of them, and no respect for them as well.  It was
this suspicion inside of him that caused him the most heartache of his life.
After learning of an attack of daemons on the city of Exile, his second home, he
grew furious.  Reports of deep-elf and other attackers flooded his ears, along with
reports that they had withdrawn to Menegroth.  Angry and bent on revenge, Olrin
sped to Menegroth and took to a transparent form.  Quietly he walked the streets,
scouring the city for the attackers.  He never found them, and nearly gave up in
frustration.  As a final good bye to the city, he summoned three daemons into the
city from the wastelands...and left.
Hours later, as he lay in his chambers, a voice spoke to him.  The voice of an
immortal, believed to be Lord Calrion, called Olrin to his feet.  Scrambling from
his bed, he stood motionless in the dark room, listening.  The voice demanded
Olrin to confess his sins, for attacking Menegroth as he did.  Olrin knelt down
and confessed to his crimes.  He pleaded for forgiveness, but none was given.  The
voice demanded that Olrin present his crimes to his elders, Akein and Midorii at
the time, and was soon blemished.  By the time the daemons were killed, Olrin had
caused the deaths of seven innocent people--including that of a deep-elf child playing
in the temple.
To atone for his sins, Olrin left on a quest to heal the hurt that he caused.  He
issued a formal apology to the city, and was told to put to rest the souls of
those killed, for they were tormented in eternity by their untimely deaths.  With
the world lacking in spirit seers, Olrin took his own life to journey to the
afterlife.  He spent a year wandering the eternal plains, looking for the lost
souls.  After wandering and searching, the spirits engulfed him in their misery,
surrounding him and speaking to him about their pains.  For days he listened,
agonized, and wept over their sorrows.  He vowed to help them rest and begged for
forgiveness.  His promises to each of the spirits lead him back to life, to seek
the families of those that were killed, and to comfort each of them.  He spent
years doing so, a quest that still continues to this day.
Two years after returning to life, Sir Fayne drew Olrin back into favor and atoned
him for his sins.  After three years of trials and hard work, Olrin took a new
view on life, calmed his mind, and changed his ways.  He opened up to people of
all races, even befriending a few deep-elf.
Years later, Olrin was invited into the Order of the Fists of the White Swan, and
has sinced served his country with a more humble and honorable attitude.