[Command help] manifest

Syntax: manifest
Syntax: manifest 

Normally the spirits of the dead are both invisible and inaudible to the
living.  But occassionally, the spirits of the dead have a desperate need 
to contact the mortal world.  If this is the case, they may attempt to
make themselves visible through the act of manifestation.  There are two 
ways in which ghosts can manifest themselves.  Neither is without cost.

If the manifest command is used without a target, the ghost will manifest 
while remaining within the Afterlife.  This allows the spirit to mentally
communicate with mortals even if they cannot see the spirits.  

If the command is used with a target, the ghost will actually manifest to 
that person in the mortal world - visible and audible to all in the room.
A ghost cannot manifest to just anyone.  It can only appear to those that
it knew during it's mortal existance.  Manifesting to mortals can be risky
because it places them at risk of an exorcism spell.  It also requires much 
more mental energy on the part of the spirit to make the initial jump to 
the mortal world.  Spirits are advised to not manifest capriciously.

When a spirit no longer wishes to manifest themselves, they can use the
release command to terminate the affect as if it were a spell.  Spirits
who are in the mortal world when they do this will eventually be rounded
up by Death and brought back to the Afterlife.  Spirits sometimes find
themselves brought to the mortal world against their will through the use
of the seance spell.

If used by the living, the manifest command will cause the user to stop
hiding and remove other effects that prevent you from being seen.

See also: poltergeist death exorcism release seance