[Religion help] healer

Syntax: heal
Syntax: heal 

The healer is a local priest trained in most, or all, of the healing arts.  
Healers need to keep in practice with their abilities, and so will often
cast spells on beginning adventurers.  Experienced adventurers are stronger
and therefore require much more effort to cure their afflictions.  Healers 
require money, in increasingly greater amounts, to cure powerful heroes.

By typing heal at the healer, you will see a list of available spells:

Heal blindness   - Cast cure blindness
Heal deafness    - Cast cure deafness
Heal critical    - Cast cure critical wounds
Heal disease     - Cast cure disease
Heal energizer   - Cast energizer
Heal heal        - Cast heal
Heal light       - Cast cure light wounds
Heal poison      - Cast cure poison
Heal refresh     - Cast refresh
Heal regenerate  - Cast regeneration
Heal restoration - Cast restoration
Heal serious     - Cast cure serious wounds
Heal uncurse     - Cast remove curse

To receive a listed cure, use the second listed syntax and the spell will
be cast on you, assuming you can cough up the cash.  Some cures are not
guaranteed to be effective.  If the spell does not work, the healer will
only charge half the listed cost.

See also: heal restoration regeneration refresh