Arkania was born to Tanya and Arturus Kateron in the temple of Nature in
Exile.  Until the age of 6, she lived happily, until one day when her father
disappeared.  In her childs mind, she blamed her mother, considering her as
a granted servant more than another elven being.  One evening, years later,
Tanya entered Arkanias private quarters and sat beside her on the bed. 
Arkania set aside her book and looked at her mother.  Tanya asked her
daughter for one last favor.  Arkania, who was then 17 years old, realized
only then that her mother seemed tired and exhausted.  The favor was to
become a priestess of Nature.  Arkania, who was thinking of taking the
fighters path, acceeded to her mother's wishes.  She began training for the
priesthood the next morning.
After her training in the Salle, Arkania sought the High Follower of Nature.
Not knowing whom it was, she talked to the first person she saw wearing the
emerald dragon.  After answering a few question the Dwarf asked, she heard
him say that she didnt believe in Lady Relynah the right way, that she
should become more mature before entering the faith.  Confused by the fact
she didnt believe the right way in the Goddess of Nature, Freedom and
Growth she walked out of the temple somewhat hurt and met Khalin for the
first time.  He taught her how to dance, listened to her when she needed to
talk and protected her in her early training.  As days passed, Arkania found
herself loving the dashing swashbuckler.
After a few years, Arkania was accepted into the Troupe of Healing.  Khalin
and Arkania wed, and 2 children were born from this union.  Her goddess
Kshama was seen and felt more and more rarely in the realms, and Arkania felt
abandoned.  Her faith in healing didnt diminish, but rather increased.
Receiving high favor, she led the religion with Khalin, other high favored of
Kshama, until she felt the bond with her Goddess weakening.  She retired in
the mountains of Zhenshi, to meditate and focus.  It was only when she felt
changes in her Goddess and the bond coming back that she finally decided to
return to the cities and do her duty.  Kshama was changed into Lord Shailan,
the cherub, who now guides her.
Arkania spends her life healing others, rather than fighting, healing those
of Light aura as well as those of Dark aura and everyone in between, healing
their souls and their bodies.  She is devoted to finding Harmony in
everything.  Although her belief in Balance is still strong, Healing is
definitely her path.